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Jacques Derrida on Fears in Writing

An eminent French philosopher Jacques Derrida reflects on the dualistic process of intellectual creation in the course of writing — (un)consciously anxious yet urgently imperative.  ”Each time I write something, and it feels like I am advancing into new territory, somewhere I … Continue reading

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Nietzsche: There is a type higher than the “productive” man

“Quiet fruitfulness. The born aristocrats of the spirit are not overeager; their creations blossom and fall from the trees on a quiet autumn evening, being neither rashly desired, not hastened on, nor supplanted by new things. The wish to create … Continue reading

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“Ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write?”

In 1902, a 19-year-old student Franz Kappus sent Rainer Maria Rilke – already then famous author which will be considered later as one of the most significant in the German language and a notable master of lyrics – his poems and … Continue reading

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The Art of Writing

In Peter De Vries’ epic Reuben, Reuben, the main character – a creatively blocked Scottish poet Gowan McGland (based on a famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas),  reveals his working habits, which perhaps might be useful for you in any aspect: “Sometimes I write drunk and … Continue reading

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