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Forms of Capital and Moral Legitimation of Capitalism

by Ivan Light* The class system routinely provides people with resources they need to enact their inherited status. These resources are Pierre Bourdieu’s four forms of capital: financial, human, cultural, and social. A coal miner’s son will not need and … Continue reading

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Cross-Class Encounters, Social Capital and Moral Judgments at an Elite College

“The sociology of education is a chapter, and not a minor one at that, in the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of power…  [Given that] the structure of social space as observed in advanced societies is the product of … Continue reading

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‪‎Health‬ and social problems are worse in more unequal societies, even among the better off– not just for the poor

Although the impact of ‪inequality‬ tends to be most severe lower down the social ladder, outcomes are worse even among the better off, because inequality damages the whole social fabric of a society – increasing social divisions, status insecurity and status competition. … Continue reading

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Corporate‬ density is especially potent for the growth of ‪elite‬-oriented nonprofits—but not social welfare nonprofits—when local networks and cultural norms support elite mobilization

In “Golfing Alone? Corporations, Elites, and Nonprofit Growth in 100 American Communities” (open access) Christopher Marquis, Gerald F. Davis & Mary Ann Glynn examine the link between corporations and community by showing how corporate density interacts with the local social … Continue reading

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Values and Networks: Former Classmates invest in the Same Stocks

“Is College a Focal Point of Investor Life?” (free access) is an interesting article published in Review of Finance by Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov, in which they analyze the link between college interaction and portfolio choice. The researchers consider both the general imprinting … Continue reading

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