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Why is there no labor party in the United States? Look at Canada to find out

In 1906, a German distinguished (somewhat neglected) economist and sociologist Werner Sombart published Why is there no Socialism in the United States? – a book which will become a famous work on American exceptionalism to this day (along with a pioneering and penetrative  Democracy in America, by Alexis de … Continue reading

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“Politics in the Age of Austerity” analyzes the dilemmas governments face as they seek to reconcile the conflicting demands of voters and ‘the markets’

This insightful volume, edited by Wolfgang Streeck and Armin Schafer, is an important contribution to the contemporary literature on the political economy of the advanced capitalist countries. In a world of increasing austerity measures, democratic politics comes under pressure. With … Continue reading

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States of Credit: Size, Power, and the Development of European Polities

In his pioneering book States of Credit, David Stasavage investigates two core aspects of European state formation during the medieval and early modern eras: the development of representative institutions and a system of public credit. Stasavage sought to explain why the latter developed … Continue reading

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