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Human Need vs. Capitalist Greed: a Gastronomic Rebuttal of Mainstream Economics

by Michael Symons* “A tap of my magic wand… and all you see is money!” With this, the conjurer distracts attention from healthy bodies, happy households, wise governments, and nature. Even the actual market of bread, apples and beer disappears … Continue reading

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Franz Oppenheimer — The Law of Transformation and Social Market Economy

by Stephen I. Ternyik* Franz Oppenheimer (1864-1943) was a German-Jewish physician, economist and sociologist, mainly known for his noted book The State: Its History and Development Viewed Sociologically (1908/1920) and for laying the foundations for Zionist cooperative settlements. Franz Oppenheimer would become … Continue reading

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Political Economy: Origins, Meanings, Changes

“Political economy should be a human science.”                                                                    … Continue reading

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Finance, Class, and the Birth of Neoclassical Economics: The Marginalist Revolution Revisited

by Yair Kaldor* In economic textbooks, the concept of “value” is regarded as nothing more than the prevailing market price. This definition might seem self-evident, but it stands in sharp contrast to the classical theories of Adam Smith and David … Continue reading

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No Reality, Please. We’re Economists.

Professor Mark Blaug (1927–2011) was a distinguished Dutch-born British economist and historian of economics. Besides shorter periods in public service in international organisations (such as UNESCO, ILO, World Bank), he has held academic appointments in several prestigious universities worldwide. Apart … Continue reading

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Believe it or not — the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences committee’s reasoning for awarding Milton Friedman. You better believe it! He believed…

Apparently, it’s all about belief… “A large part of Friedman’s conclusions about the possibilities of economic policy is based on his liberal belief in the positive, built-in properties of a functioning market economy.” (“The Prize in Economics 1976 – Presentation … Continue reading

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The Past, Present, and Future of Economics for History

The summer issue of Social Science History was devoted to the theme of “The Past, Present, and Future of Economics for History” and it has several interesting papers (open access): – Perhaps We Can Talk: David B. Riden Comments for “Taking Stock … Continue reading

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After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy

In After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy Murray Milgate & Shannon C. Stimson remind us that many intellectuals shaped different ways of thinking about economics and politics after Adam Smith- Thomas Malthus, David Ricardo, James Mill, … Continue reading

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