Great academic opportunities: 26 calls for papers, 9 PhD fellowships, 6 summer schools, 5 postdocs, 5 jobs, 2 awards

Dear ES/PE community members, find below an abundant list of great academic opportunities: 26 calls for papers for conferences (many are fully or partly funded) and special issues, 9 PhD fellowships, 6 summer schools, 6 postdoc positions, 5 job openings, and 2 awards in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with March 19 — April 28 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!!

Calls for Papers:

CfP: “Wealth Inequalities, Gender, and Family Structures“, the  European Consortium of Sociological Research workshop, University of Birmingham (UK), 15-16 June, 2023. No fee; two nights of accommodation, lunches, and a conference dinner will be provided; financial assistance for travel costs may be available for a limited number of participants. Keynoter: Karen Rowlingson. DL: March 19

CfP: “Future of Trade in a Polarized World Order” conference, Centre for International Development, Vienna (Austria), 23 – 25 June, 2023. Keynoters: Penny Clarke, Luciana Ghiotto, Sandra Polaski, Bettina Müller. A number of sessions will be held in hybrid format. DL: March 20

CfP: “History of Work: Remembering E.P. Thompson” conference,  University of Malta, 13 October 2023. Keynoters: Godfrey Baldacchino, John Chircop, Edward Zammit. DL: March 21

CfP: “Regulatory Governance in Times of Turbulence, Disruptive Technologies and Crises of Trust“, the Biennial Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance, University of Antwerp (Belgium), 12-14 July, 2023. DL: March 22

CfP: “Globalisation and Commercialisation in the Social Sectors” symposium, Department of International Development, King’s College London, May 16, 2023. There is no fee; lunch will be provided; travelling within the UK to London may be eligible for a contribution towards standard class train travel costs. DL: March 23

CfP: The Innsbruck Spring Summit on (Un)Ethical Behavior in Markets, Universität Innsbruck (Austria), May 11-12, 2023. Keynoters: Cass Sunstein, Susann Fiedler. DL: March 23

CfP: “Just Computation? Social and Historical Perspectives on Calculation in the Law” conference, Harvard University (MA, USA), September 8-9th, 2023. For presenters traveling from outside of the Boston area, travel stipends of $400 will be given, with the possibility of more funding and housing assistance. DL: March 24

CfP: “The Gig Economy and Platform Workers in the Middle East and North Africa” workshop, University of Liverpool (UK) and online, 1-2 June. 2023. Limited financial support is available for PhDs and ECRs travelling from other areas of the UK. DL: March 30

CfP: “Fifteen years after the Global Financial Crisis: Recessions and Business Cycles in the History of Economic Thought“, the 26 the Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET), University of Liège (Belgium), 1–3 June 2023. DL: 31 March

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CfP: “The Chronicles of Multiple Crises Foretold”, the IIPPE annual conference, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain), September 6-8, 2023. The IIPPE has various thematic working groups and streams. DL: March 31

CfP: The 13th International Conference in Critical Management Studies, University of Nottingham (UK), 20-22 June 2023. DL: March 31

CfP: “Power and Empowerment in Times of Multiple Crisis“, The 35th European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy Conference, University of Leeds (UK), 13-15 September, 2023. Keynoters: Paul Nightingale, Shirin Rai. DL: March 31

CfP: “Governance by Numbers and its Discontents” workshop, University College Dublin (Ireland), 29-30 June 2023. Keynoters: Maurizio Atzeni, Lorenzo Cini and Roland Erne, Sarrah Kassem, Valeria Pulignano, Kurt Vandaele, Alex Wood. No fee; one-night accommodation and meals will be provided. DL: March 31

CfP: “Value and Valuation: Challenges in Political Economy Analysis” workshop, Iscte-University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal), 22-23 June 2023. Participants will not be charged any fee. DL: March 31

CfP: The Young Scholars Initiative (YSI) and the Economic and Business History Society (EBHS) doctoral workshop, University of Porto (Portugal), May 24th, preceding the EBHS conference. If selected, doctoral students will receive financial support for travel, two nights accommodation, free registration and automatic paper acceptance for the EBHS conference. DL: March 31

CfP: “Critical Political Economy of Puerto Rico: Past, Present, and Future” conference, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras or online, April 27, 2023. DL: March 31

CfP: “Structural Change, Social Inclusion and Environmental Custainability: New Perspectives and Policies in Economic Development” international workshop, Universidad de la República, Montevideo (Uruguay). A limited financial support is available and it will only be given to scholars who are based in the region. DL: March 31

CfP: “The Far Right, Capitalism, and Class: Toward a Political Economy“, a symposium and book project, Ontario Tech University (Canada), October 14-15, 2023. DL: April 1

CfP: “Risk Reconsidered: Histories, Theories, Applications” workshop, Magdalen College and the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford (UK), 6–7 June 2023. Accommodation is available for participants coming from outside Oxford; reimbursement is also available for reasonable travel expenses for scholars without access to funds; lunches will be provided, as well as a dinner. DL: April 1

CfP: “Trust and Distrust in Governance: Exploring the Impact of Social and Political Dynamics“, an International Conference organised by the EnTrust project, Siena (Italy), September 28-29, 2023. A limited number of travel fellowships for (junior) scholars with lack of funding support could be provided. DL: April 7

CfP: “Exploring the Foundational Economy for a Just Transition“, the 6th Foundational Economy conference, University of Technology, Vienna (Austria), September 14-16, 2023. DL: April 15

CfP: “Lobbying the Court“, HEC Paris workshop, Château of the HEC Paris campus, Jouy-en-Josas (France), September 14-15, 2023. Keynoters: Dieter Zinnbauer, Emilia Korkea-aho, Marcel Hanegraaff, John Walsh, Elie Sung, and Alberto Alemanno. Travel expenses plus accommodation will be covered; there is no fee. DL: April 15

CfP: The International Political Economy Society annual conference, Georgetown University (Washington D.C.), October 27-28, 2023. Very limited funds are available to help defray housing costs for some graduate students and junior faculty. DL: April 15

CfP: “Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism: Theories and Praxis“, Triple C‘s special issue. DL for proposals: April 20

CfP: “The Role of Industrial Relations after Turning Points in History“, Industrial Relations in Europe Conference, Durham University (UK), 18-20 September 2023. Keynoters: Valeria Pulignano, Richard Hyman, Jane Parker, Christine Aumayr-Pintar, Chris Forde. DL: 28 April

CfP: “Advancing Industrial Policy in the Era of Strategic Competition” conference, Bangkok (Thailand) and online, 25 – 27 August 2023. DL: April 28

Job openings:

Lecturer in Risk Management in Business and Society, Department of Business and Society, Queen Mary University of London. DL: March 21

Assistant / Associate / Full Professor in Political Economy / International Political Economy / Industrial Organization / Public Policy, Taipei School of Economics and Political Science (Taiwan). DL: March 31

Senior researcher in Economic Sociology and Sociology of Work and Organisations, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (Bolzano, Italy). DL: April 6

Assistant Professor in European Political Economy,  University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). DL: April 13

Assistant / Associate Professor in International Political Economy, University of Warwick. DL: April 13

Summer Schools:

CfA: Max Planck Summer School on the the Political Economy of Conflict and Redistribution, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Berlin (Germany), August 1-4, 2023. There is no participation fee; room capacity is reserved at the event location. DL: March 31

CfA: “Critical Management Studies“, PhD course (7.5 credits), Lund Uinversity (Sweden), 15–19 May, 2023. DL: March 31

CfA: Institutional Analysis with the Institutional Grammar, an online training (live and asynchronous sessions), April-May, 2023. DL: April 1

CfP: “What Future For Social Europe?” summer school and conference for  PhD students, post-docs and EC researchers on the latest developments of EU social policies and rights, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 6-9 June, 2023. Participation is free of charge; travel costs (up to €500) of a limited number of successful applicants who are not be able to attend the Summer School could be covered. DL: April 1

CfA: Summer Institute  the History of Economics for PhD students and junior scholars, the Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University (NC, USA), June 19-22, 2023. Participants will receive a stipend to cover their costs of travel to Duke, as well as lodging while on site. DL: April 1

CfA: “Political Economy: Institutions and Media” the AMSE Summer School, Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille (France), July 12-14, 2023. DL: April 11

PhD Fellowships:

2 PhD fellowships in the frame of the project “Post-pandemic resilient communities: is the informal economy a reservoir for the next generation of digitalized and green businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America?“, University of Latvia. Extended DL: March 21

4 PhD fellowships in the frame of the project “Post-pandemic resilient communities: is the informal economy a reservoir for the next generation of digitalized and green businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America?“, Dublin City University (Ireland). DL: March 21

PhD bursary to work at “Wealth across the World: Understanding cross-country Differences in Wealth Inequality” project, University of Greenwich (UK). DL: March 31

Doctoral researcher within the project “The Cultural Political Economy of Bitcoin in the Global South“, Department of Political Science, the University of Vienna (Austria). DL: April 12

15 fully funded PhD positions at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence (Italy). 11 fellowships in the PhD Programme in Political Science and Sociology, 4 fellowships in the PhD Programme in Transnational Governance. DL: April 13


The Egon Matzner Award for Socio-Economics for junior scholars. DL: March 30

The Erik Olin Wright Prize ($1,000) is awarded by the Havens Wright Center for Social Justice for a paper by a graduate or professional student that best exemplifies the concerns that animated Wright’s work. DL: April 15

Postdoctoral positions:

Full-time fellowship for a quantitative social science researcher with expertise in social network theory and methods, Centre for the Digital Research of Religion, Masaryk University (Czech Republic). DL: March 21

Postdoctoral Researcher to work on “Young Women’s Working Lives” Research Project, Department of Sociology, City, University of London. DL: March 27

Postdoctoral Researcher to work on the geoeconomic conflict and competition between the U.S. and China that is played out through the means of trade policy, tax policy, and industrial policy, the Department of Public Economics of the Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance (Munich, Germany). DL: March 31

Postdoctoral Researcher to engage in research inside a program on ”Paternalism: Causes and Consequences”, the Department of Public Economics of the Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance (Munich, Germany). DL: March 31

Postdoctoral position to study to what extent African communities are trapped in poverty and explain how competing development interventions alter these communities, the Observatory of Poverty project which is situated at the AI and Global Development Lab, Linköping University (Sweden). DL: April 2

—  Isaac Newton Trust Career Development Fellow in Political and Economic Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. DL: April 17

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