Great academic opportunities: 26 calls for papers, 11 postdocs, 9 PhD fellowships, 7 jobs, 6 summer schools, a visiting position, an award

Dear ES/PE community members, find below an abundant and extraordinary list of great academic opportunities: 26 calls for papers for conferences (some are fully or partly funded) and special issues, 11 postdoc positions, 9 PhD fellowships, 7 job openings, 6 summer schools, a visiting position and an award in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with January 15 — February 16 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students.  Good luck!!

Calls for Papers:

CfP: “Socio-Economics in a Transitioning World: Breaking Lines and Alternative Paradigms for a New World Order”, the 35th meeting of the Society of the Advancement of Socio-Economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 20-22 July, 2023. DL: February 1
SASE is the major scholarly and professional global organization of economic sociologists and political economists. SASE meetings are genuine intellectual fetes thanks to the affluence of presented knowledge and a warm, stimulating atmosphere. SASE’s 19 Research Networks, focusing on various aspects of the socio-political study of the economy, will have their own sessions, and during the meeting will be also held 12 thematic mini-conferences.
On the day before the conference, July 19, will be run two events for junior scholars:
1) SASE Early Career WorkshopConference and membership fees are waived for the participants; accommodation will also be provided, including the additional night for the Workshop; travel costs will be covered based on need. DL: February 1.
2) The Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute for New Economic Thinking workshop “Socio-economic policies in Latin America: discussing challenges and opportunities“. No fee to attend the workshop; Several accommodation and partial travel stipends will be given. DL: February 1

CfP: “Comparative Fiscal Federalism and the Post-Covid EU: Between Debt Rules and Borrowing Power“, Politics and Governance‘s special issue. DL for abstracts: 15 January

CfP: “Neoliberalism and Institutionalism: From the Washington Consensus Critique to Feminist Institutionalism”, Économie et Institutions‘ special issue. DL for abstracts: January 15

CfP: “Class Culture“, the 2023 Working-Class Studies Association Symposium, the University of Illinois, Chicago, (USA), June 15-17, 2023. A Zoom track will also be offered. DL: January 15

CfP: “The American Developmental State: The Origins of American Capitalism in Comparative Perspective” symposium, Paris, May 26-27, 2023. DL: January 17

CfP: “Pushing the Boundaries: Business History beyond the Discipline“, the Association of Business Historians conference, Northumbria University Newcastle (UK). 29 June – 1 July 2023. Keynoter: Andrew Popp. DL: January 27

CfP: “Building Bridges in Economic and Business History“, the 48th Economic and Business History Society Conference, Porto (Portugal), May 24-27, 2023. DL: January 31

CfP: “Body, Work and Care in Contemporary Digital Capitalism“, the International Marxist Feminist Conference, Warsaw (Poland), November 13-18. Free of charge. Keynoters: Elsa Dorlin, Silvia Federici, Nancy Fraser, Tithi Bhattacharya, Lorena Cabnal, Ochy Curiel. DL: January 31

CfP: “Moving Beyond International Political Economy’s Blind Spots” international workshop, King’s College London (UK), 24 March. Some funding has been made available by the Dept. of European and International Studies at King’s. The organisers will facilitate the participation in a hybrid format. DL: January 31

CfP: “The Tragic Science? Critical responses to DeMartino’s harm-centric economics” conference organized by LSBU Business School & London Centre for Business Research, to be held online, 30 March. DL: January 31

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CfP: “Building forward better: Social and solidarity economy for a peaceful and fair world”, the 9th CIRIEC Conference on Social Economy, Sungkonghoe University (Seoul, Republic of Korea), 4-6 July 2023 . Keynoter: Katherine Gibson. DL: January 31

CfP: Sessions on Political Economy and International Political Economy at the 27th IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 15-19 July 2023. Please note that the IPSA congress takes place several days prior to SASE meeting in Rio, so you may consider making this trip a truly fruitful academic and cultural experience by attending two important conferences in the South America. DL: February 1

CfP: “Love and Toil, Care and Work“, the Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA), September 8-10, 2023. DL: February 1

CfP: “Money as a Democratic Medium 2.0“, the Research Association on Monetary Innovation and Community Currency Systems’ conference, to be held at Harvard Law School (USA) on June 15-17, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (Germany) on June 15-16, as well as virtually. Keynoters: Mia Amor Mottley, Saule Omarova. Subsidized travel support might be given. DL: February 1

CfP: The 15th biannual Swedish Economic History Meeting and the 4th annual Conference of the Scandinavian Society for Economic and Social History, Lund University (Sweden), 28-29 September 2023. DL: February 1

CfP: “The Transformation of Banking from a Sociological Perspective“, a workshop by the Economic Sociology research committee of the Swiss Sociological Association, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), March 30-31. Keynoters: Mareike Beck, Adam Hayes. DL: February 10

CfP: “Commercial Networks: Connection, Conflict, Exchange” conference, the Chabraja Center for Historical Study, Northwestern University in Evanston, IL (USA), June 2, 2023. Keynoter: Jessica Hanser. DL: February 12

CfP: “Fifteen years after the Global Financial Crisis: Recessions and Business Cycles in the History of Economic Thought“, the 26th Conference of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought, the University of Liège (Belgium), 1-3 June. DL: February 13

CfP: “Market Futures—Future Markets“, a joint conference of the Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop and the Journal of Cultural Economy, University of Edinburgh (UK), 31 May to 2 June 2023. Keynoters: Sharon Zukin, Lana Swartz, Michel Callon, Pierre-Benoît Joly. DL: February 13

CfP: “Economic thought and the making of the euro: intellectual patterns and policymaking in European integration (1950s-1990s)” conference, European University Institute (Florence, Italy) 27-28 April. Travel expenses and accommodation could be covered by the organisers. DL: February 15

CfP: “Rethinking Neoliberalism on Screen” international conference, Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris (France), October 5-6 2023. DL: 15 February

CfP: “Bringing together heterodox approaches to economic challenges“, the 25th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics, Anglia Ruskin University (UK), 28-30 June, 2023. Limited travel support is available for selected early career scholars. DL: February 15

CfP: “Between Conflict and Accommodation? Christian-Democracy and the Rise of “new social movements, 1960s-1990s” conference, KU Leuven (Belgium), 7-10 June 2023. Travels costs will be reimbursed and accommodation is provided for all invited speakers. DL: February 15.

Summer/Winter Schools and Workshops:

CfA: “POLNET – Network Analysis for Politics and Public Administration” winter school, Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacional (Spain), 28 February – 3 March, 2023. DL: January 15

CfA: “Establishing links between research and labour activism“, the 2nd Labour Transfer Summer School, Buggerru, Sardinia (Italy), 15- 20 June 2023. DL: January 15

The Program on Law and Political Economy at Harvard Law School invite proposals for an in-person gathering of Emerging Scholars, Harvard Law School (MA, USA), March 31 to April 2, 2023 at DL: January 16

CfA: “Personal Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications” course, Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), February 6-10, 2023. DL: January 30

CfA: “New Frontiers for Data Analytics in Economic and Business History Research“, a one-day workshop for early-career researchers, University of Oxford (UK), 25 May. Some funds will be available to support the cost of travel and accommodation. A virtual participation will be aviable too. DL: January 30

CfA: “Socioeconomic Diplomacy and Global Empire Building“, a summer school at  Leiden University’s Institute for History (The Netherlands), 26-28 June. Participation is free of charge and lunch/snacks will be provided. DL: February 15

Postdoctoral positions:

Research Fellow, a full-time post-doctoral position, to be part of Mental Models in Political Economy research project, the Department of Political Science, University College London. DL: January 15

Two Post-doctoral grants in the area of Markets and Society at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, the Scuola Normale Superiore (Italy). DL: January 16

— Two 2-year Postdoctoral Research Positions at the AxPo Observatory of Market Society Polarization at Sciences Po (Paris, France). DL: January 31

Two postdoc positions for the economic sociology project on “Marketplaces”, the Research Institute of Sociology led by Patrik Aspers, University of St.Gallen (Switzerland). DL: January 31

Postdoctoral researcher position to work on welfare and the future of work, the Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS) at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen (Denmark). DL: January 15

The Law and Political Economy Project seeks to hire an Academic Fellow to play both a scholarly and organizational role, Yale Law School. DL: February 15

Joan Robinson Research Fellowship in Heterodox Economics, a post jointly supported by the Girton College and the Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust, University of Cambridge (UK). DL: February 16

Postdoc stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in the area of State, Economy and Society. No DL, can be `submitted at any time.

Job openings:

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Economics and Africana Studies, the University of Rhode Island (NY, USA). A applicant may hold PhD in Public Policy or Political Economy, or related fields. DL: January 15

—  Associate Professorship in Digital Technology and Public Policy, the Blavatnik School of Government and Jesus College, University of Oxford (UK). DL: January 16

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of U.S. History and Labor Studies, the University of Washington Tacoma (USA). DL: January 30

Lecturer in Management, specializing in one of the following areas: Political economy of work and employment / Future of work and employment Industrial policy / Critical perspectives on management / Alternative forms of organizing, University of Bristol Business School (UK). DL: February 12

—  Assistant professor (tenure-track) in sociology of the environment and ecological transition, at the crossroads of economic, organizational, political, social, labor, and legal aspects, the Centre for the Sociology of Organisations, Sciences Po (Paris). DL: February 15.

Two Assistant Professor positions in Political Science (particularly in political economy), the Department of Political Science of the Central European University in Vienna. DL: February 15

Visiting positions:

Democratic governance of funded pension schemes”, an early-career fellowship for a research stay (6-8 months) at the Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University (The Netherlands) to be part of research team led by Natascha van der Zwan. DL: February 1

PhD Fellowships:

Two PhD scholarships in the BIGSSS-DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programm “Global Dynamics of Social Policy and Social Cohesion“, University of Bremen (Germany). DL: January 23

PhD student in International Political Economy at the Vienna University of Economics (Austria). Particularly welcome someone interested in studing the politics of trade, but the politics of FDI, finance, and debt. DL: January 25

Funded doctoral programmes at the Centre on Labour, Sustainability and Global Production, the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. DL: January 25

PhD student to work on business organization in a degrowth economy within a four-year fully funded program, the Center for Entrepreneurship, Stewardship and Governance, Nyenrode Business Universiteit (The Netherlands). DL: January 31

PhD studentships on “Political, Economic and Institutional Development” Loughborough University (London, UK). DL: February 1

PhD fellowship in Business Administration, Organizations and Social Change, the University of Massachusetts Boston (MA, USA). DL: February 1

PhD Researcher to analyze narratives in the bioeconomy field, the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig (Germany). DL: February 13

Doctoral position in Social Anthropology with a focus on anthropological praxis at workplaces, the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg (Sweden). DL: February 15


The 2023 Jörg Huffschmid Award Award for outstanding new work in political economy. DL: February 1

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