Great academic opportunities: 20 postdocs, 14 calls for papers, 7 jobs, 6 PhD fellowships, a grant, an award

Dear ES/PE community members, find below an abundant list of great academic opportunities: 20 postdoc positions, 14 calls for papers for conferences (some are fully or partly funded) and special issues, 7 job openings, and 6 PhD fellowships, a grant and an award in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with August 22 — September 25 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students.  Good luck!!

Calls for Papers:

CfP: “New Directions in Labour Process Theory” workshop, University of Padova (Italy), 26-27 January 2023. There is no fee and there might be limited funds to support travel and accommodation expenses for scholars without institutional support. Some of the papers will get the chance to be included in a special issue of Sociologia del Lavoro. DL: August 30

CfP: “Business and International Order” workshop, European University Institute, (Florence, Italy), 27-28 October 2022. DL: September 1

CfP: “Work in the Post-Covid era: The End of Platform Labor as We Know it?” workshop, the Platform Labor project at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 25 November, 2022. There is no fee for and limited funds will be available to support accommodation costs. DL: September 1

CfP: “Platform Ambivalence” workshop, the Platform Labor project at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 21 October, 2022. The organizer provides catering during the workshop and funds accommodations for 1 night. DL: September 5

CfP: “Homelessness: Experiences and Policies”, La Revue française des affaires sociales‘ temathic issue (in English and French). DL: September 8

CfP: “Recent Crises and the Evolution of European Policies“, Forum for Social Economics’ special issue. DL for abstracts: September 12

CfP: “Capitalism and Informality” conference and subsequent special issue, the Menard Family George Washington Forum, Ohio University in Athens (Ohio, USA), 14-15 April 2023. Keynoters: Kellee Tsai, Friederike Welter, and Justin Webb. DL: September 15

CfP: Max Planck Online Workshop in Comparative Political Economy, will be hosted by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and scheduled monthly. DL: September 15

— Don’t you want to attend the most interesting and promising online talks and webinars on various topics in economic sociology and political economy from all over the world? Of course you do! Follow the ES/PE’s FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin pages, Whatsapp and Telegram channels to have information about these events that are publicized only on our social media a week before they take place.

CfP: “From Welfare Capitalism to Welfare State: Transformation of Welfare Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe” conference, Prague (Czech Republic), 20-22 October 2022.  Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the organizers. DL: September 15

CfP: “Valuation and Critique in the “Good Economy”, Valuation Studies‘ thematic issue. DL for abstracts: September 15

CfP: “Flex or tenure? Comparative development of flexible work, 1950s-present” conference, Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 12-13 May 2023. Accommodation is provided, while we can reimburse travel costs when not funded by the speaker’s institution. DL September 15

CfP: “Dependences, Asymmetries and Territories“, the 6th Portuguese Association for Political Economy Meeting, the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (Vila Real, Portugal), 26-28 January, 2023. Keynoters: Alfredo Saad Filho, Angela Wigger. DL: September 23

— Call for chapters on welfare states, to examine North-South inequality, in the Handbook of the Political Economy of Social Policy (Edward Elgar). Reach out to Bent Greve:

— Call for chapters in the Research Handbook on the Sociology of Work (Edward Elgar). Reach out to Jonathan Preminger:

Job openings:

Assistant Professor in Inequality / Social Stratification and Quantitative Methods, the Department of Sociology at Syracuse University (NY, USA). DL: September 1

A tanure-track Assistant Professor in inequality / organizations / economic sociology, the Department of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI, USA). DL: September 2

A tenure track faculty member in all levels with focus on work, employment, and organizations, the Work and Organization Studies, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management (USA). DL: September 2

A tenure-track, assistant professor in any field of specialization, the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley (USA). The department has a strong focus on economic sociology and political economy. DL: September 9

An Associate or Full Professor in economic sociology / urban sociology, the Department of Sociology at Boston University (MA, USA). DL: September 15

A permanent Lecturer in International Development, the Department of Development Studies, SOAS SOAS University of London (UK). DL: September 21

—  A tenure-track Assistant Professor in Public Policy and Management (public and nonprofit management or finance; state and/or local government; policy or management approaches to inequality; social enterprises and new organizational forms; comparative policy), the School of Public Policy, the University of Massachusetts Amherst. DL: September 22

PhD Fellowship:

PhD scholarship in corporate power and legitimacy, the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). DL: August 22

PhD scholarship in “Transnational Governance: institutions and processes of economic, financial and social governance after the pandemic“, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa (Italy). DL: August 25

Pre-Doctoral Researcher (aka a doctoral position) in Sociology of Work, the Department of Sociology, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany). DL: August 30

PhD position within “Employee Workplace Participation and Industry 4.0 Technological Adoption: A comparative study of the influence of Workplace Participation Forums on Employee Quality of Working Life”, the Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven (Belgium). DL: August 31

PhD scholarship in research theme “Inclusive societies: policies and actions to tackle poverty and inequality“, the interuniversity doctoral programme in Political Studies, University of Milan (Italy). DL: September 2

PhD scholarship in research theme “Social and Labour Market Policies for the Green & Digital Transitions: Measures, Actors, Governance“, the interuniversity doctoral programme in Political Studies, University of Milan (Italy). DL: September 2


The Fritz Thyssen Foundation supports national and international conferences focusing on the topic “State, Economy and Society“. DL: August 30


—  Routledge Inclusive Economics Prize, to be given by Routledge, Taylor & Francis one of the following: inclusivity and equity, pluralist methods, decolonized economics, diversity. DL: August 31

Postdoctoral positions:

Postdoctoral Researcher in Future of Work in the Digital Economy, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia). DL: August 20

Post-Doctoral Researcher to join “A national lens on international tax standards in lower-income countries” project, the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex in Brighton (England, UK). DL: August 21

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s 10 Postdoctoral fellowships on Authoritarian Neoliberalism and Reactionary Populism at research institutions in countries in the Global South. Participating researchers are also encouraged to spend up to six months as visiting scholars in Germany — the RLS will offer an additional funding and support in finding a host institution. DL: August 24

Post-doctoral Fellow in Economic Development at the Prentice Institute for Global Population and Economy at the University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada). DL: September 1

Two Post-Doctoral Researchers in Comparative Political Economy on Labour Market and Welfare State Transformations, Leiden Law School (The Netherlands). DL: September 5

A post-doc researcher on the theme of International Monetary Systems: Past, Present and Future, the Department of Economic History at Uppsala University (Sweden). DL: September 15

Future Perfect Fellow, Future Perfect strives to shine a light on stories on global poverty, public health, philosophies and practices surrounding philanthropy, and the moral questions that underpin individual and policy choices .DL: September 16

A full-time post-doctoral research associate to work on a project focused on the Transitions of Young Workers in the UK Labour Market: Consequences for Careers, Earnings, Health and Wellbeing, University of Sheffield (UK). DL: September 22

A research associate (post-doctoral researcher) for “The Political Economy of Growth Models in the Age of Stagnation” project, the Department of European & International Studies at King’s College London. DL: September 25

Postdoc stipends on State, Economy & Society, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Germany). No DL: applications can be submitted at any time

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