Discipline and Punish: The Challenge of Teaching

While I was preparing a syllabus for a new course, two entertaining sayings jumped to my mind.
The first was made by the master — Michel Foucault. During one of his lectures at Victoria University in Toronto in 1982, he nicely remarked:

“Has everyone read these texts? Yes? No? Nobody? Well, I will have to punish you, that’s for sure! I’m not going to tell you how… That’s a surprise for the last day!”
(Dire vrai sur soi-même,
2017, p. 189;  spotted on Stuart Elden’s blog)

The next one is a witty observation by a political scientist Paul Musgrave:

“As a professor, Fox News tells me I can turn my students into Communists and experience tells me I can’t even make them do the readings.” (28 March 2017)

So what is the conclusion? Let’s agree that humor helps in teaching 😏
And what about reading lists? Well, it’s up to you and them.

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