The Social Structure of Prices

‏‏The Social Structures of the Economy

It is not prices that determine everything,
but everything that determines prices.” (Bourdieu 2005: 197)

Bourdieu, Pierre. 2005. The Social Structures of the Economy. Polity Press

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  1. Oleg,
    Bourdieu was right in his analysis of the prices and social link to the market. He contributed with a new vision of the traditional studies of the prices mobility and the social demand in a capitalist society.

    • That’s a good question, Olga… I believe answers may differ and they also depend on what interests you in Bourdieu, because his scholarship is enormous. I would recommend to start with “An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology” or “Sociology in Question”. These are a kind of introductory books. But in order to go deeper, especially regarding economic topics “The Social Structures of the Economy” is a great and very insightful read.

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