Top 10 Most-read Economic Sociology and Political Economy Posts of 2018

As 2018 (already) comes to an end, I rounded up the top 10 most-read posts of the year on the Economic Sociology and Political Economy community blog. Six of these interesting, enlightening and thought-provoking posts were published in 2018 and the rest in previous years. You are welcome to (re)read and share them. 
I would like to use this opportunity and genuinely thank everyone for being here and for making this community what it really is! Thank you for every ‘like’, ‘share’ and comment! Thanks for spreading the word and recommending the ES/PE your colleagues, students and friends. Thanks for posting online, referring and sending me links and reads. About 10,000 new members joined us this year, and the ES/PE community proudly counts almost 60,000 members, followers, and readers from about 140 countries — researchers, students, practitioners, journalists, policy makers, and activists who constantly generate more than 150,000 monthly page views on our sites and social media (FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramTelegram, Reddit, and Tumblr)Achieving the main goal of our community — that is to disseminate the insights of socio-political research on the economy — would be impossible without your support, participation and enthusiasm. Together we maintain this intellectual and public campfire — and I am grateful to you all!
As we all conclude this (turbulent) year and look forward (with hope) to the next one, what can be said with certainty is that economic sociology and political economy perspectives and insights will be essentially needed to keep on mulling over, debunking, realizing and, of course, changing. More work ahead…

> Michel Foucault: Neoliberalism is not laissez-faire, but permanent vigilance, activity, and intervention

> Ulrich Beck has died. His powerful concept of ‘Risk Society’ is relevant as never before

> Nobel winner Paul Romer on the backwardness of economics and economists’ misleading use of math

> Karl Marx on Free Time – Time for the Full Development of the Individual

> Albert Einstein on the Power of Ideas and Imagination in Science

> Karl Polanyi on the Rise of Fascism and Market Economy

> The Sociology of Quantification: Seeing like Numbers

top10> What is Economics? Read Keynes’ definition

> Robert Solow’s sarcastic economics

> R.I.P. James March — “Success”

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