B&B: Tech companies love dogs not unions // How US conservative elite persists // Male-dominated central banks // India’s demonetisation // The making of Tourist Capitalism

dogs nor unions> Tech companies have promoted their self-image as the antithesis of old “evil” corporations by opening their offices to dogs, but not to unions — by Jonny Bunning

> “Big Money Rules” – Diane Ravitch reviews three must-read books on how the wealthy and conservative elites engineer and execute strategies to preserve their hold on American state and society: Gordon Lafer’s The One Percent Solution, Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains, Jane Mayer’s Dark Money 

> Women remain underrepresented in the economics profession. But exactly how male-dominated are Central Banks around the world? Cristina Bodea and Tara Iseneker present their findings

> What is Intellectual Humility? and how might Intellectual Humility lead to scientific insight? — a thought-provoking essay by a philosopher W. Jay Wood

India’s demonetisation: the social consequences, the meanings of the transition to formal economy, and the relation of finance to a political anthropology — 15 critical and concise analyses

> Business and managerial decisions may be the product of corporate culture; but corporate culture is the product of decisions — by Jerry Useem

> The making of Tourist Capitalism: violent entrepreneurship, Airbnbfication, and a monetization of urban geography — by Pablo Cussac

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