B&B: Thomas Piketty on Tony Atkinson // Cultural birth of Austrian Economics // Slavery made capitalism // Cold War fueled Free Market // Gendering of money // Topology of finance

This time, especially worth reading  and sharing articles:

> Thomas Piketty reflects on Tony Atkinson’s remarkable intellectual journey, his path-breaking works, and his last book Inequality: What Can Be Done?

How 1920-30s Viennese politics and culture shaped Austrian Economics and its key thinkers — by Erwin Dekker

credit default swap market> Slavery was not a hidebound institution that capitalism destroyed, but an integral one that made capitalism possible — Eric Herschthal on the global history of cotton, slavery and the state 

> Cold War philosophy tied Rational Choice Theory to scientific method and embedded “free-market” mindset in US society — by John McCumber

The Gendering of Finance: the surprising tale of why money in England has long had a female face — by Claudine van Hensbergen

> A big reason credit markets froze-up in 2008 was confusion about who was exposed to whom. So, can regulation applying Network Science prevent a financial crisis and decrease systemic risk? — by Bob Henderson

Car drifting in Saudi Arabia is embedded in the country’s economic inequality, urbanization and social violence — an interview with Pascal Menoret on his book Joyriding in Riyadh: Oil, Urbanism, and Revolt

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