B&B: Finance drains firms // The Adjunct Crisis // Sociology of cashless society // Risk officers increase risks // The myth of the empowered consumer // Credit, Neoliberalism, and post-Apartheid South Africa

This time, especially worth reading  and sharing articles:

“Finance is no longer a tool for getting money into productive businesses, but getting money out of them” — by J.W. Mason

Corporatization, marketization, and adjunctification of the university end up producing the corporatized student — by Yasmin Nair 

Sociology of money and India’s informal economy: Why a cashless society would hurt the poor — by Dana Kornberg

Chief Risk Officers led banks to take on even more risks hoping for “maximizing risk-adjusted returns” — by Kim Pernell, Jiwook Jung, and Frank Dobbin

> Is this the era of the empowered consumer? Or is this a system of grossly asymmetric power relationships? — by Jacob Silverman

Crime impacts differently the economic mobility of people from advantaged vs. disadvantaged communities — by Richard Florida

Credit reform in post-Apartheid South Africa: Neoliberalism coupled with the promise of freedom (to consume) — by Deborah James 

sociology of money

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