BITS & BRIEFS: Piketty and fellow economists // Why poverty clusters in city’s east // Tax Policy created the 1% // Civil rights and unionism // Consumption, debt, and personal well-being

>  Why Are Economists Giving Piketty the Cold Shoulder? Piketty questioned the very value of having a credentialed economics elite empowered to make policy in the name of the public interest but not answerable to public opinion — by Marshall Steinbaum

In so many cities, historically and currently,  poor districts surprisingly tend to cluster in the east. A study suggests a surprising reason: it’s about air pollution

The political history of capital gains tax in the US: boosting the wealthy and widening the racial inequality — by Julia Ott

> The Decline of Labor, the Increase of Inequality. In the wake of the civil rights movement and the second wave feminism of the 1960s, an effort started to integrate the race and gender struggles for equal rights with the ethos of trade unionism, but the timing was terrible especially for African-American women — by Rich Yeselson

Buying Alone: the rise in consumption and personal debt is due to an erosion of social and environmental resources, and a fall in people’s well-being — by  Stefano Bartolini, Luigi Bonatti and Francesco Sarracino

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