Great academic opportunities: 5 calls for papers, 6 postdoc and job openings, 6 PhD positions

call for papersSee below an abundant list of great academic opportunities: calls for papers, PhD fellowships, Postdocs and job openings in various topics and themes of economic sociology and political economy, with August 15 – September 6 deadlines. Share this list with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

  • Research Associate to work on a project examining European Sectoral Social Dialogue and the functioning of Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees, Durham University Business School (England).  The successful candidate will hold a PhD in the field of Industrial Relations, EU Policy, or Labour Market Studies. DL: August 26.
  • Research Associate to work on a research project examining the relationship between mass privatization and mortality in post-communist Eastern Europe. Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. DL: August 31.
  • 2 Postdoc positions (three years) at the Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam. First position is related to the “Institutions, Inequalities and Life Courses” and second position is affiliated to “Between institutions and mechanisms: Education and inequality in comparative perspective“. DL: September 4.
  • Post-doc position at Department of Public Administration and Sociology,  Erasmus University Rotterdam. The candidate should be in the field of social security, policy implementation, socio-legal studies, welfare, or comparative legal studies; and s/he will execute an individual project in the overarching EUR Research Excellence Initiative Program Shifting from Welfare to Social Investment States: Privatization of Work-Related Risk Control. DL: September 5
  • Postdoc in Sociology on a project about the sharing economy, Utrecht University (The Netherlands). DL: September 6.
  • Ph.D. scholarships in European and Transnational Tax Governance, at the Department of Business and Politics of the Copenhagen Business School. We are looking for candidates with strong analytical and methodological skills as well as an interest and experience in International Political Economy, Economic Sociology, and Economic Geography. DL: August 31.
  • 2 fully-funded PhD positions for the research project “BRICs Globalization and Labor Protections in Advanced and Emerging Economies“, the World Trade Institute at the University of Bern (Switzerland), starting on 1 January 2017. the deadline for applications is 1 September 2016. DL: September 1.
  • 3 PhD Fellow positions, for one of the following clusters: ‘Financial Regulation and Supervision’, ‘Politics, Decision-making and Innovation in European Economic and Financial governance’, ‘Constitutional Dimension of European Economic and Monetary Integration’ – At the European Research Centre for Economic and Fiancial Governance, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands). DL: August 31.

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