Accounts: a Newsletter of the ASA Economic Sociology section

Accounts is the newsletter of the vibrant section of Economic Sociology at the American Sociological Association, published several times a year. I read it regularly – it always provides a comprehensive and interesting overview of what happens in the field of Economic Sociology (mainly in the US). Two years ago, I was generously invited to present to Accounts’ readers our global academic community of Economic Sociology and Political Economy Accounts in a detailed interview.
This recent issue of Accounts, under editorship of Rebecca Farber, is the second issue since Prof. Alya Guseva became the chair of the section (see here the first one). Its theme, as Prof. Guseva defined it “is all about crossing borders and building bridges: across subfields, disciplines, continents and ivory tower walls.” You are recommended to delve into it – it includes intellectually informative pieces and articles such as:

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