BITS & BRIEFS: Chinese consumer society // Corporate money and climate change // Political economy of intimacy // Systemic risk in consumer finance

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  1. As I said before nice article about China’s urbanisation in the last decades. However I would like express my modest opinion with regard this topic: China’s contradiction urban-countryside is still unresolved and I personal think that for the future years to come, one of the man problems of
    the China cities will be how to co-ordinate and resolve successfully the provision of day by day of
    diary products, meat, etc., when the planners at present are motivate by the expansion of the urban territory at expenses of the rich lands and the work of the peasant population, which are alienated by principles of ancient religious philosophers. I think this transformation or accelerated process of China’s urbanisation will create serious social and cultural problems among the traditional classes
    in the rural regions and the emergent petit bourgeoisie with the elites of the party bureaucracy.

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