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Religion, “free trade” and faithful globalization: producing a sacred vision of the economy

Religious leaders and groups can play a crucial role in economic and political life through their discourse; such discourse is a central way that they produce the sacred in the economic realm. This is true across a range of religious … Continue reading

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The Worth of Goods: Valuation and Pricing in the Economy

This valuable volume The Worth of Goods: Valuation and Pricing in the Economy, edited by Jens Beckert and Patrik Aspers revisits established theories of value and takes a sociological approach to the perennial but timely question of what makes a product valuable. Leading … Continue reading

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Values and Networks: Former Classmates invest in the Same Stocks

“Is College a Focal Point of Investor Life?” (free access) is an interesting article published in Review of Finance by Massimo Massa and Andrei Simonov, in which they analyze the link between college interaction and portfolio choice. The researchers consider both the general imprinting … Continue reading

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