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Political economy of Ebola — one picture and two articles

— “Drug companies’ refusal to invest in research [of Ebola] and the conditions on the ground created by neoliberal policies that exacerbate and even encourage outbreaks goes unmentioned. […] Ebola is a problem that is not being solved because there is almost … Continue reading

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‪‎Health‬ and social problems are worse in more unequal societies, even among the better off– not just for the poor

Although the impact of ‪inequality‬ tends to be most severe lower down the social ladder, outcomes are worse even among the better off, because inequality damages the whole social fabric of a society – increasing social divisions, status insecurity and status competition. … Continue reading

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Fascinating Story of Basic Income: A Town without Poverty, with Better Well-being and Health

Try to imagine a town where the government pays each of the residents a living basic income, regardless of who they were and what they did. For a four-year period in the 1970s, families in Dauphin, a small rural town … Continue reading

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How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

A British social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson has studied for decades the social effects of income inequality and how social forces affect health.  In this disturbing and important talk he charts the hard data on economic inequality in various countries, and shows … Continue reading

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