Great academic opportunities: 10 calls for papers, 10 jobs, 6 postdocs, 3 summer schools, 3 PhD fellowships, 3 awards

call for papers

Dear ES/PE community member, find below a list of great academic opportunities:  10 calls for papers for conferences and special issues, 10 job openings, 6 post-doc positions, 3 PhD fellowships, 3 summer schools, and 3 awards in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with April 1 — April 30 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students. Best wishes and good luck!

Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “Activist Organizing and Organizing Activism: A Post-pandemic World in the Making“, an Ephemera journal’s online conference, May 31 – June 1, 2021. No fee. DL: April 2

> CfP: “Narrative in Economics: Historical Experiences” workshop organized by Mary S. Morgan and Tom Stapleford, online, September 3-4, 2021. DL: April 5

> CfP: “Recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Re-thinking the Role of the State towards Safe, Cohesive, Sustainable, & Innovative Economies“, the 33rd European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy conference, online, September 2-4, 2021. Keynoters: Stephanie Kelton, Joseph Stiglitz. The conference has research areas, such as Economic Sociology, Institutional Change, Comparative Political Economy, History of Political Economy, Critical Management Studies, more. DL: April 15

> CfP: “Structural Inequalities Uncovered – the Contributions of Heterodox Economics in Tackling Racial and Gender Inequality“, the 23rd conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics,  to be hosted online on Fridays throughout July 2021. Keynoters: Gargi Bhattacharyya, Elissa Braunstein, S. Charusheela, Lyn Ossome, Elias Sampaio and Sunanda Sen. No registration fees. DL: April 15

> CfP: “Business and Finance in Latin America: From the Oil Shock to the Debt Crisis“, Business History‘s special issue. DL for proposals: April 15

> CfP: “Economic Sociology of Innovation” international workshop organized by Alexander Ebner and Filippo Reale, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany), December 3-4, 2021. Keynoters: Richard Swedberg, Richard Whitley. Workshop proceedings are going to be published in a volume and in a special issue. Participation is free of charge. Pending on the availability, workshop presenters may receive financial support for travel and accommodation. DL: April 16

> CfP: Ad Hoc Group on Financial Infrastructures at the Congress of the German Sociological Association and the Austrian Sociological Association, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) or online, August 23-25, 2021. DL: April 18

> CfP: “Ruptures, Transformations, Continuities. Rethinking Infrastructures and Ecology” conference of the DFG Centre for Advanced Studies “Futures of Sustainability”, University of Hamburg (Germany), online, November 25-26, 2021. DL: April 30

> CfP: “Institutions and Socio-economic Changes: Italy and Europe in the International Context in a Historical Perspective” international conference, School of Economics and Business Studies, Roma Tre University (Italy), September 16-18, 2021. DL: April 30

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> CfP: The 7th International Workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Lisbon (Portugal), October 29-30, 2021. Keynoter: David Bell. The best paper by an author below the age of 35 will receive an award of 500 Euros. DL: April 30

Doctoral Fellowships: 

> PhD position within “Clash or Convergence of Capitalism: Property Conflicts over Chinese Direct Investment in Germany and the EU“ project, Max Weber Center, University of Erfurt (Germany). DL: April 12

> 3 PhD positions for the following PhD projects “Controlling the market for corporate control“, “The future of work“, “Managing conflict and instability in public-private supervisory networks” at the Erasmus School of Law (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). DL: April 25

> 2 PhD positions for the projects “Accelerated exploitation through resource nationalism in Brazil” and “Supply chain consolidation through joint ventures with multinational enterprises“, the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands). DL: April 30

Postdoctoral Positions: 

> Postdoc Fellow in Ageing and Social Change, Department of Culture and Society, Linköping University (Sweden). DL: April 14 

> Research Fellow to join a project investigating digital disruption in the workplace and the emergent issues pertinent to workforce resilience, the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities and the Department of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. DL: April 15

> Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to work on “Resolving and Advancing the Theory and Measurement of Precariousness across the Paid/unpaid Work Continuum in Europe” project, the Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven (Belgium). DL: April 18

> Post-doctoral Fellowship in Social Network Analysis, Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento (Italy). DL: April 19

> Research Associate at the project ‘Universities and Unicorns: Building Digital Assets in the Higher Education Industry’, Lancaster University’s Department of Educational Research. DL: April 23

> Beyster Postdoctoral Fellowship or Visiting Professorship, the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations. The fellow can be a resident at the University or at their home institution; the grant can be used for research, travel, and living expenses. DL: April 30

Summer Schools:

> CfA: Summer Institute for doctoral students  & junior scholars, the Center for the History of Political Economy (Duke University), online, June 3-5, 2021. DL: April 1

> CfA: Harvard Law School’s Institute for Global Law and Policy‘s Global Scholars Academy (for junior scholars from the Global South), The Graduate Institute, Geneva (Switzerland) or online, August 16-20, 2021. Among the Academy’s topics: Global Corporations, Development and Inequality, Social Movements, The Future of Work ,more. DL: April 2

> CfA: The Economic History Society’s PhD Thesis Workshop, online, June 28-29, 2021. DL: April 12

Job openings:

> Chair in Sociology specializing in inequality/ welfare/ organizations / networks, Department of Political and Social Sciences, the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). DL: April 7

> Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations, Sheffield University Management School (UK). The School is particularly interested in candidates with expertise in areas that align with the theme of ‘Decent Work in Decent Workplaces’: Equality, Inclusion and Voice; Labour in the Global Economy; Regulation and Governance of Work. DL: April 15

> 2 Managing Directors for “Economic Security, Mobility, and Equity” program and “Race, Ethnicity, Gender and the Economy” program, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (Washington, DC). DL: April 15

>  Senior Instructional Professor in Global Studies (economic and political globalization; career-track position), The University of Chicago College, University of Chicago (USA). DL: April 15

> Associate / Professor in Economic and Social History, the University of Oxford (UK). DL: April 16

> Researcher or Senior Researcher specialised in European industrial relations, workers’ participation, and economic and industrial democracy at the Research Department of the European Trade Union Institute (Brussels, Belgium). DL: April 20

> Lecturer in the Institute for International Management, Loughborough University London (UK). The Institute has a emphasis on comparative political economy and critical management approaches and is keen to get applications from sociologists. DL: April 25

> Assistant Professor specializing in Labour Market and Work, the Interdisciplinary Centre of Labour Market and Family Dynamics, University of Warsaw (Poland). DL: April 30

> Chief Editorship of Socio-Economic Review, the flagship official journal of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. DL: April 30


> The 2021 Jörg Huffschmid Award for PhD dissertation or Master thesis in Political Economy (broadly defined; written in English or German). DL: April 1

>  Luis Aparicio Prize for an Emerging Scholar studying work and labour, by the International Labour and Employment Relations Association. DL: April 23

> The 2021 Egon-Matzner-Award for Socio-Economics by the Vienna University of Technology will be presented to young scientists (up to 35 years of age) for a scientific publications (namely contributions to international peer-reviewed journals) in the following fields: socio-economics, heterodox/pluralistic/evolutionary / institutional economics, public finance and fiscal federalism, infrastructure policy. DL: April 30

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