Great academic opportunities: 16 calls for papers, 6 postdocs, 4 jobs, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 visiting posts, a summer course

Dear ES/PE community member, see below a list of great academic opportunities:call for papers  16 calls for papers for conferences and special issues, 6 post-doc positions, 4 job openings, 3 PhD fellowships, 2 visiting posts, and a summer course in economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with January 31 — February 28 deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students. Best wishes and good luck!

Calls for Papers:

CfP: “After Covid? Critical Conjunctures and Contingent Pathways of Contemporary Capitalism”, the 33rd meeting of the Society of the Advancement of Socio-Economics, ONLINE, July 3-5, 2021. DL: February 10
SASE is the major scholarly and professional global organization of economic sociologists and political economists. Its meetings are genuine intellectual fetes thanks to the affluence of presented knowledge and a warm, stimulating atmosphere. SASE’s
 18 Research Networks focusing on various aspects of the socio-political study of the economy will have their own sessions, and during the meeting will be also held 16 thematic mini-conferences.
On day before the conference will be conducted the SASE Early Career Workshop. Selected Participants will have conference fee waived. DL: February 10.

> CfP: “Should Wealth and Income Inequality Be a Competition Law Concern?” conference, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) or online, May 20-21, 2021.  Keynoters: Eleanor Fox, Ioannis Lianos, Martijn Snoep. No fee. If the conference will not take place entirely online, accepted speakers without budgets may apply for partial reimbursement of costs. DL: January 31

> CfP: “Politics and Ethics of Platform Labour: Learning from Lived Experiences” conference organized by the University of Cambridge Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, April 13-14, 2021. Keynoters: Mary Gray, Alex Wood, Alexandrea Ravenelle. The conference will be held online, but an in-person meeting of of the speakers in Cambridge will take place later in the year, for which travel bursaries will be available. DL: February 1

> CfP: “China and the Contestation of the Liberal Economic Order” workshop, to be held online, June 3-4, 2021. DL: February 8

> CfP: “Big Tech, Corporate Power & Economic Performance: Revisiting Monopoly Capitalism“, Cambridge Journal of Economics‘ special issue. DL: February 8

> CfP: “Unsettling Development“, the Development Studies Association conference, online, June 28 – 2 July 2, 2021. DL: February 8

Don’t you want to attend the most interesting and promising online talks and webinars on various topics in economic sociology and political economy from all over the world? Of course you do! So follow the ES/PE’s FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin pages, Whatsapp and Telegram channels to have information about these events that are publicized only on our social media several days before they take place.

> CfP: “Reality: The Value of Institutional Empiricism”, the 42st Annual Meeting of the Association for Institutional Thought, April 12-25 2021, online. Extended DL: February 8

> CfP: The 85th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought, Osaka University of Economics (Japan) or online,  September 25-26, 2021. DL: February 9

> CfP: Economic Sociology Research Network (RN09), Critical Political Economy (RN06), Sociology of Consumption (RN06), Work, Employment and Industrial Relations (RC17) sessions at the 15th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Barcelona (Spain)  or online, 31 August – 3 September, 2021. DL: February 15

> CfP: “Ethnography of Finance” session at the 8th Ethnography and Qualitative Research International Conference, University of Trento (Italy) on online, June 9-12, 2021. DL: February 15

> CfP: “Technological Change, Digitalization and Life Course Inequalities” conference, SOCIUM Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy, University of Bremen (Germany) or online, September 20-21, 2021. Keynoters: Tali Kristal, Mario L. Small, Glenda Quintini. No fee. Travels and accommodation costs up to 650€ for three PhD students will be covered. DL: February 15

> The Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics invites short submissions for a forthcoming special issue devoted to the challenges posed by global pandemics. DL: February 15

> CfP: “Finance and Migration“, the European Association for Banking and Financial History conference in cooperation with National Bank of Greece, Athens (Greece), June 11, 2020. DL: February 15

> CfP: The 10th Congress of the French Association for Political Economy, Toulouse (France) or online, June 29 – July 2, 2021. DL: February 26

> CfP: “Markets and Power in the Digital Age” international conference organized by the Economic Sociology section of the Swiss Sociological Association, University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland), September 16-17, 2021. DL: February 28

Doctoral Fellowships: 

PhD positions within Organizations and Social Change track, University of Massachusetts Boston Business Administration program (USA). DL: February 1

> University Assistant in Economic Sociology, the Department of Economic Sociology, the University of Vienna. DL: February 11

>  Doctoral positions in Economic Sociology and Political Economy at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy in conjunction with the University of Cologne and the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). DL: February 28

Postdoctoral Positions: 

>  Postdoctoral researchers in the three areas: Political Economy of Growth Models, Wealth and Social Inequality, Sociology of Public Finances and Debt at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (Cologne, Germany). DL: January 31

> Postdoctoral position in Economic Sociology, the Department of Economic Sociology, the University of Vienna. DL: February 9

> Postdoctoral Fellowship in conjunction with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar “Currency and Empire: Monetary Policy, Race, and Power” at the New School (NYC, USA). DL: February 15

A.SK Post-doctoral Fellowships (residential and non-residential) on public policy with a focus on economic reforms, the WZB Berlin Social Science Center (Germany). DL: February 15

Research Associate in Comparative Employment Studies within the “Decent Work and the City” project, the Work and Equalities Institute, the University of Manchester (UK). DL: February 19

> Postdoctoral position in Housing and Urban politics, the Institute for Housing and Urban Researc, Uppsala University (Sweden). DL: February 22

Summer School:

CfA: “Mechanisms of Social Inequality in Education, the Economy, and Healthcare” summer course  by the University of Würzburg’s Institute of Political Science and Sociology, online, July 19-23, 2021. DL: February 15

Job openings:

> Associate Professorship in the Political Economy of China, Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford. DL: February 1

> Assistant/Associate Professor specializing in the study of Critical Political Economy in a comparative context, the Department of Politics, York University (Canads). DL: February 12 

> Assistant Professor of Political Science specializing in Political Economy of China, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (USA). DL: February 19

> Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Feminist Labour History to join  ‘Gender Equalities at Work: an Interdisciplinary History of 50 years of Legislation’ rpject, University of the West of England Bristol (UK). DL: February 24

Visiting positions:

> Visiting Fellowships within “The Politics of Inequality: Perceptions, Participation and Policies“, University of Konstanz (Germany). DL: January 31  

> The NEH-Hagley Fellowship on Business, Culture, and Society supports residencies for research purposes at the Hagley Library in Wilmington, Delaware (USA). DL: February 15 

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