Great academic opportunities: 10 calls for papers, 6 summer schools, 4 jobs, 3 PhD fellowships, 3 postdocs, an award

Dear ES/PE community member, see below a list of great academic call for papersopportunities: 10 calls for papers for conferences and workshops (some are partially or fully funded), 6 summer schools (some are partially or fully funded), 4 job openings, 3 PhD fellowships, 3 post-doc positions, and an award — in various areas of economic sociology, political economy, and related fields, with February 24 — March 12  deadlines. Share this post with your colleagues and students. Good luck!

Calls for Papers:

> CfP: “Conflict and Development”, the 11th Annual Workshop on “Growth, History and Development”, University of Southern Denmark (Odense), April 14, 2020. Keynoters: Antonio Ciccone, Jeanet Sinding Bentzen, Eoin McLaughlin. No registration fees; Refreshments and meals will be provided. DL: February 24

> CfP: “Financial Crises, Poverty and Environmental Sustainability“, a workshop organized by University of Sussex and several UN units, UN Conference Centre, Bangkok (Thailand), 10-11 June, 2020. Participation is free; Limited funding will be available for presenters from low/middle-income countries. DL: February 27

> CfP: The International Association for the Economics of Participation conference, organized in collaboration with the Beyster Symposium, La Jolla (CA, USA) June 21-24, 2020. A small amount of funding is available for students and participants from developing and transition economies. DL: February 28

> CfP: “Unpacking Capitalism: Structures, Endurance, Reproduction” conference, Durham University (UK), 30 – 31 July, 2020. DL: February 29

> CfP: ‘The Hau of Finance: Ethnographic Inquiries into Impact Investing and the Moral Turn in Finance’ workshop, Bologna University, Ravenna (Italy), 25th March, 2020. Reasonable travel expenses and two nights accommodation will be covered. DL: February 29

> CfP: “Markets and Institutions in Eastern & Central Europe” conference,  Institute for Economic History, Humboldt University Berlin (Germany), 4 – 5 September, 2020. Keynoter: Joachim Voth.  There is no participation fee; there is limited funding available for participants with no budget. DL: March 1

> CfP: “Rentier Capitalism: Contemporary Forms of Rent and its Effects on Capital Accumulation” workshop, Maison des Science de l’Homme, Paris (France), 10-11 June 2020. Keynoters: Brett Chrisptohers, Cédric Durand, Sabine Montagne, Mary O’Sullivan, Ugo Pagano. There is no participation fee; a number of young scholars will receive accommodation and a partial travel stipend. DL: March 1

> CfP: “Conference on Low-Income Housing Supply & Housing Affordability” conference, Tel-Aviv University (Israel), 8-9 June, 2020. 3-day lodging expenses will be payed; a trip to Jerusalem will be held on June 7. DL: March 1

> CfP: “Economic Anthropology and the Sense of Environmental Crisis“, a workshop by the German Anthropological Association’s Economic Anthropology group (in English), University of Konstanz,  15 -16 October, 2020. DL: March 1

> CfP: The first joint International Political Economy conference of the Austrian, German, and Swiss Political Science Associations, Technical University of Munich (Germany), 15-16 June, 2020. Two nights’ free accommodations for the 30 best submissions from pre-tenure scholars will be provided. DL: March 2

Postdoctoral Positions: 

> 2 Postdoc positions in the research program ‘The Business Corporation as a Political Actor’, Utrecht University (The Netherlands). DL: February 25

> 3 Post Doc Researchers to contribute to topics: labor history and relations in a global comparative perspective / economic thinking and reform policies in a socio-historical dimension / social movements and volunteerism / European and global labor migration – at the Research Center for the History of Transformations, University of Vienna (Austria). DL: Marh 2

> Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Social Capital, Queen Mary University of London. DL: March 5

PhD Fellowships:

> 2 PhD positions in the research program ‘The Business Corporation as a Political Actor’, Utrecht University (The Netherlands). DL: February 25

> Doctoral Positions in Economic Sociology and Political Economy, the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy,  The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG), University of Cologne and University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). DL: February 28 

> Funded PhD Studentship “Inquiries into the Future of Work“, Department of People and Organisations,  The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK). DL: March 2

Summer Schools:

> CfA: The Hyman P. Minsky Summer Seminar for graduate students & junior scholars, Levy Economics Institute of Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, USA), June 7–13, 2020.  The fee covers provision of room and board. DL: February 28

> CfA: “Responsible Capitalism: Micro & Macro-institutional Conditions of Transformation“, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy), June 16-19, 2020. DL: February 28

> CfA: “Diversifying and Decolonising the History of Economics“, a workshop for young scholars and PhD students, Utrecht University (Netherlands), June 17, 2020 (before the HES Conference, 18-21 June). A limited amount of travel stipends is available. DL: February 29

> CfA: “Challenges for Business History in a Changing World”, the 10th European Business History Association Doctoral Summer School, University of Barcelona (Spain), July 8-11, 2020. Keynoter: Albert Carreras. Accommodation and food will be provided. DL: February 29

> CfA: The Duke Summer Institute on the History of Economics for graduate students and early-career scholars, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University (NC, USA), June 7-11, 2020. There is no registration fee; housing, meals and economy-class round-trip airfare will be covered. DL: March 1

> CfA: “Strategies for the Future of Work”, the 12th Medici Summer School for doctoral students and young researchers, MIT Sloan School of Management (Boston, MA, USA), June 15-19. There is no participation fee; accommodation and board expenses during the week of sessions will be provided. DL: March 6

Job openings:

> Lecturer in political economy / comparative politics and public policy, Department of Politics, University of York (UK). DL: February 23

> Senior Researcher in Economic Sociology, The Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG), Cologne (Germany). DL: February 28

> Two Assistant professors of Sociology (welfare state / labour / urban), Department of Sociology, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). DL: March 1

> Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Political Economy, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh (UK). DL:  March 12


> Egon-Matzner Award for Socio-Economics will be presented to young scientists (up to 35 years of age) for scientific publications in heterodox / evolutionary / institutional economics, public finance, infrastructure policy. DL: February 29

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