The Economist presents: the dangers of free hospital parking. The Neoliberal absurdity at its ‘best’

The Economist Neoliberalism
“If a hospital in a crowded city stopped charging [for parking], it would mean more frail, elderly people staggering into the accident and emergency ward on their own as their sons and daughters search for a space, more parents panicking as a child who has hit her head lolls in the back seat, and more labouring women leaning against railings.”

— “A lesson in parkonomics, for Jeremy Corbyn; Abolishing charges in hospitals is a terrible idea.” (The Economist, May 8, 2017)

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  1. I used to think The Economist was a serious publication albeit conservative. This is seriously laughable.

    Crowded hospitals like airports have a no-parking, pick-up and drop-off only zones.

  2. Our ‘local [400 in-patient beds / crowded] Teaching Hospital’ is graced by proximate woodlots with Deer and other animals [which are observable from patient rooms], a Regional Mass Transit system that doesn’t charge riders any fare [and even picks up hospital employees from their external proximate parking lots], a five story ‘parking garage building-attached to the hospital structure-ideal in inclement weather, ample landing take-off area for [emergency medical] helicopters, as well as ample [ground] ambulance parking…and is ‘affectionately known’ by it’s nickname (the ‘Aircraft Carrier’)-in spite of proximity to Conservation Lands as well. “Stewardship of the Land” is not necessarily an exclusive [northern New England] trait…or restricted to just ‘Conservatives’, but Municipal/Regional Planners, and Architects, and regional transportation authorities sometimes ‘collaborate’…..

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