BITS & BRIEFS: Fed boosted inequality // Fascism promised welfare // Super-citizens shape policy // Financial ‘self-help’ // Grade inflation in marketized university // India’s economic history

Gerald Epstein on how the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing helped the banks and increased inequality (video)

The appeal of Fascism lays in a promise to protect people in times of excessive and unrestrained Capitalism — by Sheri Berman

Super-citizens: how the ultra-rich’s charities shape policy to their own ends — on David Callahan’s book The Givers: Money, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age

Finance sets you free: Producing the Neoliberal Self and glocalization of American “Self-Help” practices — Daniel Fridman on his new book Freedom from Work

The Fruits of Commodification: Grade inflation is just another byproduct of the marketized university — by Ed Burmila

India’s transition from a colonial economy: Falling behind and catching up — Bishnupriya Gupta’s lecture (video & podcast)

Ten ways to tell you might be sitting next to an economist 🙂 

sociology of money

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