9 calls for papers, 3 PhD studentships, 2 postdoc fellowships and 1 training workshop

Dear the ES/PE members,
Following several requests I’ve received, from now on, through the ES/PE blog will be also distributed practical and relevant academic updates such as calls for papers for conferences and workshops, graduate and post-doc fellowships, grants and job openings announcements. Up to now this kind of information was posted only on our social media networks. I hope this new feature will be of great help and interest for you.
Good luck,
Oleg Komlik

CfP:  “Institutions and Human Behavior”the third World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research conference, Seaport Boston Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2-5 September 2016. DL: March 11.

CfP: “Industrial Decline and the Rise of the Service Sector?  How did Western Europe and North America cope with the multifaceted structural transformations since the 1970s” conference at the Institute of Contemporary History, Munich – BerlinSeptember 16 – 17, 2016.  Expenses for travel and accommodation will be covered. Deadline: March 6, 2016.

CfP: “Work in Crisis”, Work, Employment and Society conference, University of Leeds. 6-8 September. 2016 (Postgraduate Workshop: 5 September 2016). DL: March 7.

CfP: “The Politics of Education” workshop, University of Konstanz (Konstanz, Germany), 30 June – 1 July, 2016. This workshop aims to explore recent advances in Politics of Education – a newly established field of enquiry in comparative political economy and to shed light on new questions that have emerged since the study of education kicked off with the Varieties of Capitalism approach’s focus on skill formation and with the growing literature on partisan politics of education spending. DL: Feb 29.

CfP: “Labour Mobility in the Socialist World and Its Legacies” workshop European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, 19-20 May 2016. DL: Feb 29.

CfP: “After the Uprisings: Political, Economic, and Social Transformations in the Middle East and North Africa” Edinburgh Conference, University of Aberdeen, May 31, 2016. DL: Feb 29.

CfP: “Integration and Interconnectedness in Global Finance”, Annual Conference of the Journal of Financial Regulation, Hong Kong, 24-25 June 2016. DL: March 1.

CfP: the 5th Latin American Economic History Congress , July 19-21 – Sao Paulo, Brazil. DL: March 1.

– CfP: “Histories of Capitalism, 2.0” conference, Cornell University, September 29 to October 1, 2016. DL: March 1.

Postdoctoral Hoover Fellowships in Economic and Social Ethics (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). DL: Feb 29.

– The Program in Early American Economy and Society (PEAES) at the Library Company of Philadelphia invites applications for PhD dissertation and Post-docs hort-term fellowships during 2016-2017. DL: March 1

PhD Studentship on the politics and philosophy of ‘sustainable prosperity’, the Political Economy Research Centre (PERC), Department of Politics at Goldsmiths, University of London. DL: March 1

– PhD studentship vacancy “Sustainable resource use and economic growth‏”, at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield. DL: March 7.

– CfA: “Replacing UK Austerity: Towards Progressive Policies”, International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy training workshop, Vernon Square Campus of SOAS, London, 21-22 March 2016.


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