Putting a human face on ‪statistics: unemployed‬ ‪women‬ in the public ‪workforce‬ system

An ethnographic sociologist Mary Gatta (Rutgers University) went undercover, posing as a client in a New Jersey One-Stop Career Center which is supposed to be an unemployed worker’s go-to resource on the way to re-employment. Weaving together her own account with interviews of jobless women and caseworkers, in All I Want Is a ‪‎Job‬! ‪Unemployed‬ ‪Women‬ Navigating the Public ‪Workforce‬ System Gatta offers a revealing glimpse of the toll that unemployment takes and the realities of social policy.

All I Want Is a ‪‎Job‬ ‪Unemployed‬ ‪Women‬ Navigating the Public ‪Workforce‬ SystemWomen—both educated and unskilled—are particularly vulnerable in the current economy. Since they are routinely paid less than their male counterparts, economic security is even harder for them to grasp. And, women are more easily tracked into available, low-wage work in sectors such as retail or food service.
Originally designed to pair job-ready workers with available openings, the current system is ill fitted for diverse clients who are seeking gainful employment. Even if One-Stops were better suited to the needs of these workers, good jobs are scarce in the wake of the Great Recession. In spite of these pitfalls, Gatta saw hope and a sense of empowerment in clients who got intensive career counseling, new jobs, and social support.

Drawing together tales from the frontlines, the book highlights the promise and weaknesses of One-Stop Career Centers, recommending key shifts in workforce policy. The US, as every society deserves a system that is less discriminatory, ‪‎gender‬ equal, more human, and better able to assist women and their families in particular.
This is a forceful, lucid and important book is also doing an excellent job of placing its findings in historical context.
Free access to the book’s introduction and preface


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