Gendering the Recession: Media, Culture and the Reemergence of Gender Tropes

gender culture media austerityGendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity is an interesting book which provides analyses of a recession-era media culture characterized by the reemergence and refashioning of familiar gender tropes, including crisis masculinity, coping women, and postfeminist self-renewal.
Interpreting media forms as diverse as reality television, financial journalism, novels, lifestyle blogs, popular cinema, and advertising, this collection of essays edited by Diane Negra & Yvonne Tasker, reveals gendered narratives that recur across media forms too often considered in isolation from one another. They also show how, with a few notable exceptions, recession-era popular culture promotes affective normalcy and transformative individual enterprise under duress while avoiding meaningful critique of the privileged white male or the destructive aspects of Western capitalism.
By acknowledging the contradictions between political rhetoric and popular culture, and between diverse screen fantasies and lived realities, this anthology is a important contribution to the field of media studies and an alerting critique of the economic dimensions of neoliberal media culture.

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