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Fascinating Story of Basic Income: A Town without Poverty, with Better Well-being and Health

Try to imagine a town where the government pays each of the residents a living basic income, regardless of who they were and what they did. For a four-year period in the 1970s, families in Dauphin, a small rural town … Continue reading

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Austerity: we are not all in it together

By Michael Kitson, Ron Martin, and Peter Tyler Europe has a Greek tragedy; the US is grappling with a Tea Party; and in the UK we have the economic consequences of austerity.   The focus is budget deficits, public expenditure cuts … Continue reading

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Progress for the Poor

One of the principal goals of antipoverty efforts should be to improve the absolute living standards of the least well-off. Drawing on the experiences and date of twenty countries since the 1970s, Lane Kenworthy (University of Arizona) addresses in his … Continue reading

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