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History of Profit in the US: Corporations, Accounting and Capital

The case of The United Steel Workers of America v. The United States Steel Corporation (1980) concerned the closing of two steel mills. The steelworkers claimed U.S. Steel had promised to keep the two mills open so long as they … Continue reading

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Constructing Markets for Credit Cards in Postcommunist Countries and demolishing myths about markets, money and globalization

In countries without a history of economic stability, how can banks decide who should be given a credit card? How do markets convince people to use cards, make their transactions visible to authorities, assume the potential risk of fraud, and … Continue reading

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In this insightful book of Patrik Aspers (Stockholm University) presents a comprehensive sociological view of Markets. Aspers smoothly combines theory with empirical examples and illuminates the origins and forms of markets, how thay are made and the importance of identity and emotions. … Continue reading

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Networks in the Russian Economy

How does Russian economy function on a grassroots level? In addition to market mechanisms, what kinds of social and moral principles are at work in the new Russian economy? Is the ‘Soviet legacy’ still present in post-Soviet business practices? This … Continue reading

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The Origin and Development of Markets: A Business History Perspective

A substantial documentary evidence survived from the eleventh century onward, when chartered markets and new towns were established across Western Europe. The expansion of the market system is important for business history, but there has been no systematic literature review … Continue reading

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