Gregory Mankiw: “Economic science is still a primitive body of ‪knowledge‬.”

From the horse’s mouth: Professor Gregory Mankiw (Chair of Economics Department, Harvard‬ University) on economics: 

“The ‪‎economy‬ is complex, and economic science is still a primitive body of ‪‎knowledge‬.”

From his op-ed in New York Times, March 22, 2014

Gregory Mankiw***
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  1. The real knowledge of the human economy is based on his own experience and mind capacity to
    reflect his own productive environment, which is more or less determined by historical cycles of
    his own social and productive ingenious and capacity to create a civilisation.

  2. This ideas will be developed in a future post, a very interesting question of the relations between
    philosophy, history and economy, which also could be added to a sociological analysis of the
    contemporary interpretations of the present capitalism.

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