Do you have friends, colleagues or students interested in Economic ‪Sociology‬ and Political ‪‎Economy‬? Invite them to join our community

facebook linkedin twitterI’m sure all of us have 2-4 friends, colleagues or students interested in Economic ‪‎Sociology‬ and Political ‪Economy‬. So why not to invite them to join our community! It could be a great idea… 🙂
I personally thank you for doing this! 🙂

Here a short note you may copy/paste and send those stray and wandering economic sociologists and political economists, encouraging them to come on board:

Hi there!

I would like to tell you about an online community I’m following: the Economic Sociology and Political Economy global community. This community’s goal is to disseminate the insights of socio-political research of the economy to the public and academics, and this is very interesting and valuable source of information and knowledge.
You will find there a lot of relevant and daily updated pieces on new insightful books and articles, interesting posts from the leading blogs, sharp quotes, scholarships announcements, important calls for papers, job opportunities, and more; and all these related to the topics in Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Capitalism, Social Study of Markets and Finance, Labor and Welfare research, and Sociology of Economics.
I truly recommend you to join in and to follow them – You’ll enjoy it and benefit from it, as I do.
The community is active on the main social media networks, but the contents are identical on all the websites and they are out at the same time – See the links below: (Blog – for email subscription)



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