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‘Free markets’ as a religious belief

Joseph Stiglitz: “The advocates of free markets in all their versions say that crises are rare events, though they have been happening with increasing frequency as we change the rules to reflect beliefs in perfect markets. I would argue that … Continue reading

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“Seeing, Knowing, and Regulating Financial Markets: Moving the Cognitive Framework from the Economic to the Social”

This (open access) interesing and comprehensive paper by Julia Black (LSE), argues that in order to regulate financial markets, we need a more sophisticated and realistic cognitive framework through which to analyse markets’ dynamics and on which to base their ‪regulation‬. To that … Continue reading

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After Financial Times’ botched and bungled attack on Piketty’s Capital failed, to escape from dealing with the essence Bloomberg BusinessWeek chose a different tactic which is a) kind of funny, b) pathetic

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Varieties of Liberalization: Politics of Social Solidarity and Institutional Changes in Labor Market

A leading political scientist and institutional scholar Kathleen Thelen (MIT) examines in her new excellent book Varieties of Liberalization and the New Politics of Social Solidarity contemporary changes in labor market institutions in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, focusing … Continue reading

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Open access to the best 20 papers from Journal of European Public Policy from the last 20 years

Open access to the best 20 papers from Journal of European Public Policy from the last 20 years concerning various topics in Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Europeanization and sociology of knowledge. Have an enlightening reading!

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Theory in Pictures: Consumption / Demand in Economics

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Congratulations to David Levi-Faur for receiving the Award for ‪Regulatory‬ Studies Development, by the European Consortium for Political Research Group on Regulatory Governance

David Levi-Faur (Hebrew University) is the first recipient of the Award for ‪Regulatory‬ Studies Development because of his successful efforts to create an academic regulatory governance community, as exemplified by his initiative to co-found the ECPR Standing Group on Regulation and … Continue reading

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